How much money do I need to bring to my first appointment?
You don’t have to bring any money to your first appointment.

Will this hurt?
More than a tickle, but less than paying your taxes… “quote from the movie Snow Dogs”.

Where are you located?
3500 Bucklin Hill Rd. suite 200 on the upper parking lot.

How long have you been practicing dentistry?
20 plus years.

What do you think about Silver fillings?
In my opinion, Amalgam fillings should only be replaced if there is decay around them, or if they are broken, or if upgrading to a build up and crown. To remove amalgam releases mercury vapor, more than leaving them in. There are techniques I use to reduce mercury vapor exposure when removal is necessary.

Do I need to understand my insurance before I come in?
No. We will call and verify your coverage and explain it to you at your first appointment.

How long will this take?
It takes time to do things well… anywhere from one to three hours, for most things.

What do you offer for patient comfort during procedures?
We have Dr. Ostheller’s gentle numbing technique,.. Aloha style. You will be in impressed with how comfortable the process is.

Why is your practice named Aloha Dental?
I named the practice Aloha Dental, because Aloha says something. Aloha means “Hello” and “goobye”, but more than that, it says “I love you”. We strive to live the Aloha. The Aloha spirit if all about love, service, and Ohana (family). We want you to be part of our dental Ohana.